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Static Gantry Hoist
Static Gantry Hoist

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Static Gantry Hoist

Gantry Hoists
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The Static gantry hoist model has rigid side frames and comes in two heights.

Two sizes are available:
Mini Gantry Hoist (1,180mm 2,100mm trolley height)
Standard Gantry Hoist (1,680mm 3,000mm trolley height)

1.5 tonne up to 5 metres
1 tonne at 6 metres
750kg at 7 and 8 metres

A product of excellent German design, each model provides an optimal balance between portability, ease of use and load bearing ability, providing the user with maximum flexibility in meeting their lifting requirements.

Each model can be disassembled for ease of transportation and quickly reassembled in just 5 minutes.

The aluminium beams range from 2 metres to 5 metres (loads to 1,500 kg) and 6 metres (up to 1,000 kg). The option of 7 metre and 8 metre beams are available.

The design in the gantry hoist Folding and Static models allows for adjustable height in each of the feet on the A Frame Supports and also the main support beam. The will allow the gantry to be used to transfer products between different levels.
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